These workshops will take place at OTH Amberg-Weiden on Saturday and Sunday 25th and 26th February starting each day at 9am. Attendees will need to bring with them a laptop computer with at least 16GB or memory (32GB preferred) and 200 GB of free disk space. The machine should have VMWare workstation installed. There is no cost for attending these workshops but a separate registration is required using the form link above. Note: These workshops will only be available to those people attending the event in person.


(1) Saturday 9am - Sunday 4pm (Two Day)

Meaningful Monitoring of your environment with Zabbix.

Presenter: Jan van Zanten

In ITIL it is important to know certain KI’s for your environment: Uptime & Availability. It is also important to know the state of your servers and drivers in real-time, to be able to fix or even avoid issues.

For this, I have rewritten a Nagios Plugin to use it for monitoring IDM drivers using Zabbix.

This course will focus on Zabbix 6.0, a world-class, Free-to-use, monitoring application running on Debian bullseye (V 11) and the configuration needed to:

  • Monitor Servers
  • Monitor IDM drivers
  • Use different outputs from DXCMD to measure certain drivers' queue length.
  • User Media configuration: mail and Discord (push messages)
  • HostGroups
  • Usergroups / roles
  • Actions
  • Maintenance periods
  • LDAP connections for Zabbix users
  • As reading all states of a large amount of devices can be a security-concern, we’ll give attention to it throughout the whole course.


(2) Saturday 9am – Sunday 4pm (Two Day)

ZENworks 2020 Update 3

Presenter: Ron van Herk

This course will cover ZENworks 2020 Update 3, which will be released by the time this course takes place. We will be covering what’s new in Update 3 with hands-on experience in as many new aspects.

Some of the topics that will be covered:

  • Install and Upgrade changes
  • On Demand Content Distribution
  • Patch Management’s new patch feed and How to Migrate
  • ZENworks Control Center Enhancements: Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Tomcat split for Administration and Client services
  • Core infrastructure and Security changes
  • Miscellaneous enhancements and Customer IDEAs Implemented
  • Lab Exercises on Use Cases and Q/A Session
  • Support Resources and Tips


(3) Saturday 9am – Sunday 4pm (Two Day)

Identity Manager Container Deployment

Presenter: Rodrigo Gomez

This course will cover:

  • Introduction to Docker
  • Identity Manager – Docker deployment
  • eDirectory/iManager/Identity Console standalone containers
  • Lab: Deployment of IDM containers manually
  • Lab: Script based deployment in a single server
  • Lab: Ansible approach for multi-server deployment
  • Discussion of IDM deployment in Azure.


(4) Saturday 9am – 4pm (One Day)

Upgrading to OES2023 plus the new Management Consoles

Presenter: Mike Hunsche

This one day hands on training will take you through best practices and how to upgrade to the latest version of OES (2023) and how to configure and use the new Unified Management Console (UMC) and Identity Console (IC).

We will move an exiting OES 2018 SP3 environment to OES 2023 and cover the differences in workflows between iManager and UMC/IC,



(5) Sunday 9am – 4pm (One Day)

Configuring and Securing Filr

Presenter: Robin Redgrave

This one day hands on training will go though the steps required to further configure your Filr environment once a basic installation has been performed.

You will learn how to improve your user’s experience and ensure the security of your information.

We will cover protecting your system from ransomware, modifying the user interface and mail messages, configuring the free Advanced Authentication entitlement to enable MFA, how to use the new DLP options and much more.



To register for one or more of these workshops please complete the Registration Form by following the link below: