Micro Focus Technical Insight Series

Come to learn the latest best practices and Micro Focus technology trends that can help you maximize your IT investments. You’ll connect and collaborate with Micro Focus experts and our broad base of customers who share your objectives. Each session is focused on a specific Micro Focus technology. You may attend as many sessions as you wish and you are encouraged to ask questions. We welcome presentations from customers and partners relating to Micro Focus products, their installation, use, or maintenance. To access the events, simply return to this website and follow the link to enter the session.

Please note:

  • Additional sessions will be added to the schedule as they become available.
  • Registered participants will receive a reminder email each week of the series.
  • We will use GoToWebinar for the Technical Insight Sessions so please use a Mac or Windows workstation for best results.
  • Feel free to interact with the speakers and ask questions in these live sessions to enhance your learning.
  • Do you have relevant experience or expertise you'd like to share as part of this series? If yes, please contact Peter Atkins - patkins@microfocus.com

We hope you find the sessions interesting and look forward to meeting you online.